Green Moldavite 2.5-3g


Green Moldavite Tumbled Healing Crystal

Moldavite is a gemstone of very intense frequency and high vibrations. In ancient times it was sometimes called "The Holy Grail Stone."

These moldavite specimen come from the Czech Republic.

It is extremely useful for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect to you when you have it in your possession making it sought after as a protective stone and used frequently in meditation. all beautiful and full of gorgeous energy.

Moldavite is a fusion of extraterrestrial energy as it merges with earth energy. It has been used as a talisman for fertility and abundance, throughout time and it enhances other crystals by raising their vibration. You can use this stone to communicate with ascended masters and cosmic dwellers. It helps with ascension and increases spiritual growth.  

As it comes from out of this world, it helps anyone who has not yet settled on the earth, with their homesickness for their home planet. It is inspiring and helps bring true situations and wishes into fruition. It works with higher vibrations and can be used to help with retrieval of the Akashic records. On a healing level, it helps bring emotional trauma to the surface where it can be dealt with. It works with the source of disease so that it can then work to bring about healing energy for the greater good of the individual. It works on all chakras and must not be cleansed with salt as salt scratches the surface.  Green Moldavite can affect  all of the chakras but its primary focus is on the heart chakra.

Weight is approximately 2.5-3g