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Dragon Egg Packs


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Dragon Egg Crystal Healing Packs

Three little dragon eggs crystals in a pack. dragon eggs are a form of quartz. The three will be randomly selected and could be clear, smoky, rose or amethyst in colour.

Three Little dragon eggs, Waiting to see your dreams and inspirations hatch into reality.

The first is the Quartz crystal or Spiritual Dragon Rock Crystal egg which helps with spiritual connections. On a healing level, it works for cancer, heart disease and paralysis.

The second is the Dragon or dreams Amethyst crystal which helps you to remember and understand your dreams. On a healing level, it helps with Addictions, knowledge and to remove bad dreams, encouraging good dreams and rest.

The third is the love dragon Rose Quartz crystal dragon egg which works to help you to love yourself and others. On a healing level, it works with anorexia, bulimia and gives you the emotional strength so you can control your life.

Pack colours will vary.