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Tumble Stone Crystal Healing Packs

A great way to get started with your crystal healing, this pack contains 12 different crystals or tumblestones listed below :

Amethyst                       Addictions, Tumors, Ear Problems, Fainting, Paralysis, to Detox

Bloodstone                    Cramp, Bleeding.

Carnelian                       Circulation, Immune System, Tension, Rheumatism

Green Aventurine          Fever, Stress, Eczema and as a General Tonic

Hematite                        Anaemia, Neck Tension, Depression, Muscles

Jade                               Colic, Bladder, Kidneys, Urinary System, High Blood Pressure

Moonstone                     PMS, Fertility, Menopause, Reproductive System

Red Jasper                    Bronchitis, Cancer, Diabetes

Rock Crystal                  Heart Burn, Aches and pains, Scar Tissue, Animal illness

Rose Quartz                  Bruises, Angina, Asthma, Eyesight, Migraine, Sciatica

Sodalite                          High and low Blood Pressure, Burns, Sinus, Impotence

Tiger Eye                        Ulcers, Anxiety, Gall Bladder, Hay Fever, Hypochondria

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