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Crystal Gift Pack


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Crystal Healing Gift Pack Selected By Penny Alterskye

This crystal pack was inspired by a conversation with one of our lovely customers. In your pack you will receive a rough piece of selenite, a piece of rough black obsidian, a mini amethyst bed and a heart crystal. The photo shows a rose quartz heart. Other hearts may be substituted due to availability. All items arrive in a purple velvet bag.

Selenite is for peace, unity, creativity and it inspires flexibility in thought and deed and calms emotions. It aids dream recall.

Amethyst is for calm and rest. It helps with sleep and helps focus energies when needed. It helps relieve stress, dispels anger, alleviates sadness and grief.

Black obsidian helps protect energy, teaches self discipline, aids creative thought and helps us reduce and release negative thoughts about ourselves.

The heart is to show your love for the recipient.The heart will be randomly selected from the crystal hearts shown in the separate photo.