Archangel For Each Day Of The Week Healing Crystal Pack


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Archangel Healing Crystal Pack Selected By Penny Alterskye

Do you work with angels, why not look ahead at this little crystal set. There is a tumble stone or crystal for each day of the week, each representing a different archangel for that particular day. This set contains seven little crystals or tumblestones, one for each day of the week. Each crystal represents an archangel. There are more angels around us than I could mention, each working hard to ensure that the earth, seasons, are consistent and maintained and some working personally with us to help us in our daily lives, some nurturing our babies as the grow in the womb. We have selected seven wonderful angels and matched their strengths to a relevant crystal.

Bag colour is randomly selected, so bag colour may differ from photograph.

Monday - Chamuel - Love and Adoration.

Tuesday - Michael - Courage and Protection.

Wednesday - Raphael - Healing and Wisdom.

Thursday - Uriel - Energizing.

Friday - Gabriel - News and Inspiration.

Saturday - Zedkiel - Communication. Sunday - Jophiel - Creativity.