Angel Card Readings - 100 Words By Penny Alterskye


Angel Card Readings - 100 Words By Penny Alterskye

This psychic reading will be based on a single card and intuition. If you have any further questions after you receive the reading, you can select the individual question readings again to request further details.

Once you have selected the reading, Please email me CONTACT and give me your date of birth, full name and the question you would like the angel card reading to answer for you. I will email you back your personal reading.

My readings are intuitive and natural. Once you have asked your question, I will use my various tarot and angel card decks, as well as my psychic and spiritual gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience and intuition to respond back to you.

Email readings will, wherever possible be acknowledged within 48 hours and for the reading to be sent will be confirmed. Please note that there is currently a minimum of a 3-4 week waiting list for all readings. Due to demand this may be slightly delayed.

Your reading will be confidential and I will always confirm your email address before sending your reading.

Kindly understand that I cannot answer questions on health, pregnancy, finance, legal issues or death. I can also not assist you with gambling and cannot give you any numbers for draws, horse races or lotteries etc.

I may not by law, give readings to anyone under the age of 18. Please also bear in mind that my readings do not constitute professional, legal or medical advice.  This is for entertainment purposes only.