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Angel Workshop 2 - with Penny Alterskye


Angel Workshop 2 With Penny Alterskye

This course will cover learning how to read for other people. You will have a lot of practice with the other participants on the course. There will be beautiful meditations on this course and additional insight into the Angels and learning to work on your life path.

This workshop will follow on from the first Angel Workshop 1. You will use some of the information and tools gained in order to start reading for other people and will be based in  Milton Keynes. Please bring your own lunch. 

Time: 9am -3:30pm and takes place in our Holistic Centre in Linford Wood.

The workshop will run for a minimum of 4 people. If less than 4 people register, I will inform you and amend the date. This class is for 18 years and older.

Book on all three workshops and receive your special gift on the third Workshop.

This is the last time I will be running workshop 2, the course has changed from July 2024 to Angel Workshop 1&2 and Angel Workshop 2&3.