Amethyst Chakra Pendant

Colour:  Purple

Amethyst Chakra Pendant

Beautiful amethyst pendant with seven chakra stones set on top. Amethyst has a powerful spiritual connection with its wearer.

It really helps to bring either energy or peace, depending on the specific requirements of its owner. It helps you focus, protects against recurring nightmares, helps with rest and sleep and helps you to understand the meaning behind your dreams.

It helps balance the emotions and reduces excessive highs and lows. It helps with grief, anger, fear, rage and anxiety. It promotes love of the divine and brings in spiritual wisdom and understanding.

On a healing level, it is said to help with the immune system, tension, headaches, intestines, blood (as a cleanser). It treats pain, insomnia while stimulating the throat chakra and the crown chakra. When you add in the chakra crystals for balance and this pendant creates an overall sense of wellbeing.