Amethyst Crystal Ball 5-6 cm


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Amethyst Healing Crystal Ball

This is a beautiful crystal ball, carefully selected for its energy and clarity. It has a lot of light shading, sparkles and rainbows inside it.

Amethyst is a protective stone, which works to change negative energy into love which is one of the reasons it is often called the relationship stone. It generally brings about calm and peace, helping with poor sleep patterns. It can work either way though as it is a personal enhancer so it brings calm and peace where needed or it helps increase energy. It works with and for you, bringing you what you need.

Amethyst does help with decision making and memory, as it calms the crown chakra and helps one to prioritise thoughts and situations. It helps with motivation and helps heal behavioural patterns that have led to dependencies. It moves lower energies to higher levels, stimulates the third eye and helps with meditation and dream recall. On a healing level, it is believed to boost hormones and the metabolism, cleanse the blood and reduce pain.

It is also said to help with the digestive tract, respiratory tract, hearing, bruising and swelling. This is a beautiful all rounder stone. We always recommend amethyst as a great stone to start with on your crystal journey.

Approximately 6 cm in diameter. This crystal ball weighs approximately 335g.