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Clarity of Sight Testimonials and Reviews

Clarity of Sight Reviews and Feedback

I have listed some of the kind emails that our customers have sent us:

Contact Name: Samantha A
Thankyou so much Penny for helping me choose the ideal gift for a relation of mine who is going through cancer at the moment.The little blue agate Crystal tree is beautiful and my Uncle absolutely loves it !! and the Rose Quartz bracelet for his partner was a lovely idea, she was extremely touched and loved it too ..thank you for your help it is very much appreciated xxxx


Contact Email: Sarah H
One of the most accurate readings I have had. Penny picked up on a several things that I had not discussed with anyone and as a result I now feel that I am on the right path and ready to move on with my plans. I would highly recommend Penny to anyone seeking a reading; she is a truly lovely person. Love and Light xx

Contact Name: Svetlana E
Dear Penny, I would like to thank you for your wonderful reading. It gave me more strength, energy and happiness. Thank you again. Love and Light. Svetlana Esposito

Contact Name: Jo
Hi Penny, just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the reading you and Grant did for me today. You both confirmed what i have been told several times and what i feel deeply myself and it really lifted my spirits today so i had to say Thank You Thank You Thank You....always in Gratitude for the wonderful work you do with Spirit, much love light and Blessings to you, Jo xxxxxxxxx

Contact Name: Samantha R
What a fantastic reading. Everything so spot on and have found such comfort in what you said. Would highly recommend Penny, what a lovely lady x

Contact Name: Maria K

I'd heard Penny did readings, and had wanted one for a while, but this was totally unplanned. Something came up and I really wanted some advice, and Penny just popped into my head - and I'm so glad! This was one of the most accurate readings I have ever had - and I have had a few ;) It was my first reading with Penny, but I don't think it'll be my last! It completely clarified things for me and helped me see that things are just as they need to be right now. I'm aware I probably sound cheesy but I just can't believe how accurate it was with me just asking one question! Thank you so much!

Contact Name: Angel A
I am lucky enough to live in same town as Penny. As soon as I got there for reading, I felt at peace at was greeted as a long lost friend. Penny got straight to the point on issues that I had put to the back of my mind as well as the issues I was seeking answers to. Amazing!... and we also had a good chuckle with her guides.. (Felt I could almost hear them myself. Very warm and loving lady, I also could divulge private thoughts and things that I probably wouldn't tell my friends, yet felt I was able to be absolutely truthful to myself as well as Penny. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit, it's a must. Blessings x

Angel Card Reading


Contact Name: Gillian E
Fantastic products at affordable prices. The courses are excellent and very informative, professionally delivered. Would recommend to anyone considering a more spiritual path. Penny and Matt are wonderful to know and work with.

Contact Name: Sarah H
Hi Penny, thank you so much for the wonderful Angel workshop on Saturday. I came away with my questions answered and a new sense of wellbeing. I know that with continued practice my connection to my guardian angels and the archangels will become stronger. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditations and feel happier and more energised than I have in a long time and really can’t wait for the next workshop. Thank you for sharing your gift and your knowledge with me and others. Love and Light, Sarah

Angel Worshops

Contact Name: Debra P
Had an amazing day with fantastic company. i would highly recommend this beautiful healing course. Im truly looking forward to continuing my reiki journey with Penny. Xxx

Contact Name: KATARINA K
I just want to say a big THANKS to Penny for a wonderful workshop, as it gave me so much important information. It gave me the answers for questions that were always chasing me and really it just moved me forward. During the meditation I experienced during the workshop, I went to a different world, the world we would all love to live in. The most important thing for me was the message from the whole workshop, that we are never alone. We are being protected and lead throughout life. To make a connection with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels is the most wonderful feeling you could ever experience, it gives you so much peace inside and this is what we are all lacking these days. Really I can only say it was the right move for me to attend Penny's workshop, as it gave a different view at the casual things in the world and it made me think a lot about the things that are really important in life. Thank you, Penny, you are doing a great job!

Contact Name: Paula O
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Penny's Angel was a truly inspirational day & I went home feeling very relaxed, energised & yet calm. I can't now wait until the next workshop that I'm booked to come to. Thanks Penny for a great day with you & the opportunity to meet the other ladies on the course.

Angel Healing Courses


Contact Name: Claire B
The Crystal Course is a fab course. I will never look at crystals the same way again. Very calming relaxing day with lovely people. I would definitely recommend it. CB x

Contact Name: Clare D
Dear Penny and Matt, Just a quick note to thank you again for your excellent service in exchanging that book on Friday. You really went "above and beyond" and I appreciate the time taken to ensure that my order was correct. As ever you crystals are wonderful too.

Healing Crystal Workshop

Contact Name: Catherine M S
Ordered one day, with me the following lunchtime - service that couldn't be better. The products, bought to cleanse the living room, are beautiful - the white sage smells wonderful. I really appreciate that Penny and Matt respect my 'not made in China' policy, and I very much appreciate the incense burner - made in India! Very many thanks. Catherine

White Sage Smudge Sticks

Contact Name: Amy F
Hi, I bought white sage, vanilla and nag champa incense and black obsidian rune stones, and I just want to thank you for my wonderful products! The incense smells beautiful and the rune stones have a great energy, and I love the beautiful black bag and information sheet that came with them. Thanks again, your site is wonderful!

Obsidian Rune Stones


Contact Name: Rachel C
I was given two animal guides for Christmas and I absolutely love them. Came with a personalised note to say they had been reiki charged and ready for use. What a great gift to receive. Thank you! I love them.

Contact Name: Louise H
Thank you so much for my beautiful chakra and guardian angle bracelets and my angle cd. This cd is prefect for my meditation. I felt such love and positive energy from my purchases. Will be recommending to family and friends. Thank you Again Louise x

Guardian Angel Bracelet

Contact Name: Joanne A
Dear Penny and Matt, thank you for delivering my order so promptly it was divinely timed! The crystals are beautiful and of very high quality perfect additions to my growing collection. I am looking forward to trying the incense I ordered, I loved the Guardian Angel one and hope to enjoy the new ones just as much. I would recommend your products and services to everyone! Love and Angel blessings Joanne

Nag Champ Incense

Contact Name: Svetlana E
Dear Penny, Thank you very much for the beautiful crystals. Everything was very nicely packed, described and smelled wonderfully. I felt everything is Reiki charged and full of energy. Fast and great service!!! Highly recommend Clarity of Sight. Greetings from Ukraine. Svetlana Esposito

Contact Name: Karen L W
Thank you for my beautiful tumble stones which arrived this morning. Very quick service and I love the fact that they've been cleansed already.

Tumble Stones and HealingCrystals


Contact Name: Joanna H
I bought 2 Crystal Trees and a bag of healing crystals. All felt energised and happy when i first held them and they quickly attuned to me. Great Service and cant wait for my Reiki Training.

How to Clear Negative Energy at Home

How to Clear Negative Energy at Home

So, what is energy? Everything is made up of energy particles. Human beings are energy, crystals are energy, trees and plants and animals are energy too. I am going to focus on people for now and clearing negative energy.

Surrounding every person is a layer of energy, called their aura. If you were to see the aura (and anyone can with training), you would see the person’s personal energy extended beyond their human form. This energy changes colour and moves throughout the day, growing stronger in places where we need it and pulling closer to the body when our sub-conscious detects a threat.

If one person’s energy brushes off onto another, the person who it brushes off onto, can feel both positive and negative effects of the meeting. If the energy is negative, it needs to be cleared.

Here are some tips on how to cleanse the energy around you so that it really works for you and keeps you in a better, more balanced state:

Use some sage smudge sticks in your home to cleanse energy. Smudge sticks have been used for many years to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. You can either carefully burn a smudge stick from one end or break off pieces and burn them in a suitable container or shell. You then use a feather or your hand to gently brush the smoke around a room or over yourself or crystals, saying a prayer as you do so.

Smudge sticks are used to cleanse the aura, cleanse homes, to remove negativity before meditation or healing, or to cleanse crystals.

If you don’t have smudge sticks, use some sage incense instead.

You can also use tingsas and music to move the energy into a positive state around you.

After cleansing, I suggest adding a black obsidian tumble stone to the 4 corners of your home to keep it protected. I also find adding a black obsidian tumble stone under the bed will clear negative energy away helping you to get a more peaceful sleep.  You can get some information on how to cleanse these crystals from my previous blogs.

Penny Alterskye

How to Heal Your Life, By Penny Alterskye

How to Heal Your Life,  By Penny Alterskye

When you hear the term healing, what does it mean to you?  Does it fill you with hope and trust or does it make you question the intention from where it came?

I would like to share with you my understanding of the term and how it has helped me in life.

Healing is a very personal thing. It means something different to every single person and their specific needs. In essence, it is about bringing balance back.

Life happens and when it does, situations and people can wreak havoc with our human and spiritual energies.  Our aura, is the energetic extension of our bodies and our souls and this is the protective layer around our physical selves that takes the strain of any energetic disturbance (both physical and emotional). We are beings of balance and to live life at its optimum means to balance mind, body and spirit.  This centres us, grounds us, inspires us and helps us to process human and spirit.  Throughout our bodies are pockets (or chakras) of energy. When these chakras work in unison, energy flows and we feel good, are healthy and we can process thoughts, words and deeds. When a blockage occurs in any of our energy fields, the flow stops, energy stagnates and we can no longer think, sleep, feel.  When this happens, we get tired, depressed, ill and we feel stuck in his world and in this life.

This is when it is time to stop, to ask for help and to bring back the balance and flow of energy that is our life force.  There are many ways to do this. Different ways work for different people, so there is room for everyone. I teach and I offer sessions to help rebalance. I only offer therapies that I have personally experienced as I find this is so much more beneficial to the client. Sharing on someone’s life journey and helping them to take charge of their life is something that is of great importance to me.

Anyone asking for help through Reiki, Crystal Healing, card or mediumship readings, Past Life regression or Angelic healing is saying they are ready to take responsibility for their own healing. This is the most important part and will guarantee the success of the process.

Once you take control of healing yourself and your life, life begins anew.


Yellow Crystal Healing by Penny Alterskye

Yellow is a wonderful colour to start your colour journey.  It is the colour associated with your solar plexus (stomach) which is a place of deep seated emotions and is where we hold our fears.  We feel through our stomachs, think about the saying, “having butterflies in your stomach” or that gut instinct that makes us feel uneasy and worried about doing or saying the wrong thing.  The term “yellow bellied” relates to the stomach too and talks of fear and lack of confidence.

So many people suffer from IBS and other stomach complaints.  Where is this coming from?  Is this related to the above mentioned fears, gut instinct, worry, emotions?  Is there more to it than that?

The best way to help balance this energy is through the use of the colour yellow.  Using yellow crystals like yellow jasper, citrine,  yellow calcite, golden beryl, to name a few, will help calm the emotions, settle the stomach and help bring peace, alleviating fears.

Eat yellow foods too as they will help bring the colour yellow inside so it can bring balance.  Yellow also represents golden life force energy which brings a positive and cheerful outlook on life.  It really is the colour of strength and intelligence.

Working with yellow crystals helps improve digestion, which in turn helps purify the entire system.   Yellow helps with personal power and confidence, helps with mental faculties, thinking, planning and doing.  It also helps with nerves, co-ordination and opens the mind to make it and your body more active, creating a fully active response rather than a reactive response.

Add yellow into your day and you will reap the benefits.


Love and Light

Penny Alterskye

How to cleanse your healing crystals by Penny Alterskye

Healing crystals work with energy. They absorb, store, transmit and transform energy.  As they work with a person's own energy and needs, they will extract any negative/obsolete energy from the person that is no longer needed by them.  This negative energy is stored and needs to be released from the crystal so that the crystal is at its optimum to help you once more. When you buy a crystal from an event, market or shop (on line or physical), you need to cleanse it of any energy that it has picked up from anyone who has handled it. When you purchase from our on line shop Clarity of Sight, the crystal will already be cleansed and charged with Reiki energy (unless otherwise requested)  so it is ready to use straight away.  

Below are the methods we have found the most useful to use to cleanse your crystals. 

  1. Water Only cleanse crystals that are not friable.  Some crystals do not like water and may become brittle or shrink in size e.g. selenite.  Place the crystal in a bowl of water (you can add some salt to the water) and leave it in the water for as long as you like.  If the crystal is being used on a healing level, I would suggest leaving it soaking for a few hours.  Use your intuition/gut instinct to decide how long, you won't get this wrong!  Then remove from the water, rinse and dry and it is now cleansed.
  2. Sage smudge sticks If you like to use sage smudge sticks to cleanse your home of unwanted energy, you can use these over your crystals too!
  3. Tingsas Strike the tingsas over the crystals with the intention of clearing energy from them.  This and the sage methods are very good for friable crystals.
  4. Soil If you have some crystals that are old and haven't been cleansed for some time, or that you don't feel particularly comfortable with, use this method to bring their energy back to a positive light.  Place a pot of soil on your window sill and bury the crystal/s in the soil.  Leave them in the soil for a month.  Then remove them and use one of the above methods to complete the cleansing process. you should find that their energy is restored and you should feel great using them once more. 

Once you have cleansed your crystal, you are ready to charge it to do whatever work is needed e.g. romance, healing, calm etc. Hold the crystal in your left hand (closest to your heart) and say what you want the crystal to help you with or do for you.  Hold that intention while holding the crystal. If you  are Reiki attuned, you can also charge the crystal using your Reiki energy.

Your crystal is now ready to use or to be given as a gift.  Enjoy it and remember to cleanse it regularly, at least weekly, so that it always brings strong energy your way.

Also have a look at my video for a visual guide.

Love and Light

Penny Alterskye

Being human and staying strong

Being human and staying strong

Being human is such that we take on board what other humans think so much that it consumes some and with others, it makes them feel like they don't belong, they do not deserve to be. What is this human condition that make one believe that they are lesser than others. In reverse, what makes one human so exalted by their own self that their ego takes hold of everything they do and makes others turn against them?

Who made man judge and jury?

Oh yes of course, we did. We allowed humans to have power, to possess the qualities that some want, desire, kill for, or die from. Society chooses the rules and people follow, exalted by those in a perceived higher power bracket than them, as set by other human beings. Who made them boss? Oh yes, humans did, we did. What about the person who ridicules us, mocks us, makes us feel inferior and lacking in self worth? Who gave them their power to threaten, mistreat, misuse and and belittle? Ah yes, once more, we did. Peoples words are merely words, whatever language they speak and wherever they come from. Words are sounds brought together for communication. Yet how do those sounds cut and get to our core, our soul. How do these words destroy people, until they are mere fragments of their true self and worth? Who lets this happen?

We do! We believe what others say, even when they are wrong. So what do we do? We stop! We stop believing everyone else and we start to believe ourselves. We know our own true worth, sometimes that truth is buried deep within our subconscious but it is there. We can bring it out and we can allow it to rule our world, our universe, our life. We can choose to not believe another person, to stop, reflect and work out for ourselves what something means to us.

That is the human choice we were given in the first place. The right to choose to believe what we want to, not what another says.

Stand true to yourself, know that people are people and regardless of their status in life, in your company, in your home, in the world, they are still people. Each has their own fears, their owns truth, their own belief and you don't need to believe in the same as them. You need your own truth, your own life, your own journey. Learn, day by day to build up your strength, courage and truth, to build up your worth, your faith and learn to trust and believe in you, for when you do, and you will, you will never let anyone else bring you down.

If you like this please feel free to link to it or to share.

Love and light

Penny Alterskye

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